About the Journal

Atthiflah: Journal of Early Childhood Islamic Education (p-ISSN: 2580-1864; e-ISSN: 2722-1210) is published by Early Childhood Islamic Education Study Program (PIAUD) of Islamic Institute of Daruttaqwa Gresik, East Java, Indonesia. This journal is focused on the development of the result of studies and researches in the areas related to Islamic Early Childhood Education, Nurturing, and Parenting which covers textual and fieldwork investigation with various perspectives of Education, Psychology, Religious, Education, Child Development, and Early Childhood Curriculum. This journal is published twice a year in January and June. Publisher Address: Jl. KH. Syafi'i Gg. Syaikhuna Suci Manyar Gresik 61151 Phone. (031) 3953728 Email: jurnalatthiflah@staidagresik.ac.id